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Are you a Mom or a Mom-to-be?

If so, you’re probably a nurturer by nature and you’re probably giving, giving, giving to everyone in your life.

But if you’re like most Moms, you might be doing this at the expense of your health and your sanity, and to the point of almost giving out.

It’s understandable. We want to be all things to all people and to be the best wife and Mom we can possibly be. So we’re prone to overextending ourselves to the point of overwhelm.

Which leaves most Moms walking around feeling exhausted, worn down and stressed out.

Can you relate?

Welcome to Soothing Space Massage!

At Soothing Space Massage with Veronica, our massages and entire practice is focused on healing and restoring Moms.

Moms are awesome!

But when they put their needs on the back burner and don’t take care of themselves, they can feel their “Awesomeness Reserves” being depleted. And they’re more tired, tense and irritable than they’d like to be.

So we’re taking a stand for your health, sanity and joy! And we’d be honored to help fill back your reserves and to “nurture the nurturer.”

A variety of solutions!

It’s always amazing to see how when you start putting “first things first,” there seems to be MORE time for everything else.

Relaxation massage is an investment and a commitment to taking care of yourself, so you don’t burn out. It’s a commitment to your longevity. And it’s a reward to your family.

We offer a variety of solutions to support you:

Pregnancy Massage     Relaxation Massage     Thai Massage

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